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Are You Christmas Ready?

Now is the time to check your supplies to make sure you have enough medication for over Christmas & New Year.


This is the time of year when coughs and colds are circulating along with other nasty bugs that can stop your Christmas celebrations in its tracks.

Many people end up at hospitals with minor injuries that could often be treated more quickly elsewhere or at their own home.

People can make sure they are prepared for illness or injury if it strikes by stocking up on over the counter remedies such as paracetamol for aches and pains, rehydration powders for stomach upsets and antiseptics for cuts.

It’s also worth making sure you add plasters, bandages, a thermometer and tissues to the shopping list.

A well-stocked medicine cabinet will help avoid making unnecessary trips to find a pharmacy or shop that is open over the Christmas holidays and in some cases prevent a journey to the minor injuries unit.

Think Pharmacy

Pharmacists offer year round advice and have private spaces where you can talk in confidence if you wish. They can also prescribe an emergency supply of medication if any visiting friends or relatives forget to renew or bring with them a supply of their regular medication.

Prescription Ordering

During November we are encouraging patients to order double prescriptions to avoid the Christmas rush. Every year the surgery experiences a huge surge in demand over the festive period which can have a knock on effect with prescription turnaround time. We currently ask for a minimum of 48 hours to process all repeat prescriptions.

We don’t automatically double up prescriptions, you need to ask us.

You can do this by:

  • Writing a note on your repeat slip
  • Adding a comment to your online order
  • Letting us know verbally, either at the counter or on the voicemail

Medicine Check List

  • Check repeat medication supplies
  • Only order what you need, don’t stock pile
  • Order prescriptions in good time
  • Check medicine cabinet for home remedies such as Paracetamol & cold and flu preparations
  • Stock up on home remedies from the Pharmacy or Supermarket if needed


If you need assistance during the Christmas closures you can contact 111.

If you find yourself with no medication 111 can arrange a prescription to be sent to a Community Pharmacy. They will advise you as to which Pharmacy is open for you to call in and collect.

Additionally, if you are away from home over the festive period and have forgotten your medicine, you can call in to a Community Pharmacy local to where you are staying and request an emergency supply to get you by.