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Non-Urgent Blood Tests

All GP surgeries have been notified that there is a National shortage of the blood test bottles used locally. These are sourced and supplied to us by NHS England.

We have received instructions from NHSE that we must only undertake urgent blood tests until at least 17th September. This affects both GP surgeries and hospitals. Unfortunately there is nothing we can do about this as a practice. The supply situation is not one we have any control over.

To reassure you, our main concern as always will be safety first. We will do everything we can to make sure that essential tests are carried out.

  • “What does urgent mean?”

It means things like blood tests that are needed for urgent cancer referrals, blood tests that are needed for safe prescribing of certain medications or tests which might help us avoiding having to admit patients to hospital. We will have to consider each clinical situation individually.

  • “What if I have a blood test booked?”

We will have to look at our appointment book next week to see which patients should be delayed and which should not. Please wait to hear from us. If you don’t hear anything, please attend your appointment as arranged.

  • “What if I have a chronic disease like diabetes?”

We will most likely have to delay any “routine” monitoring blood tests. The senior clinical team will assess whether it is safe to defer a test for individual patients for a while until the supply chain is back to normal. However, if your chronic disease needs a blood test for safety reasons, we will do our best to get that sorted for you, assuming the local area does not run out of bottles completely.

Please bear in mind that we have NO CONTROL over the supply situation. We, like you, are in the hands of NHSE. We are following their guidance, which will no doubt be updated as the situation changes.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.