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Online Services

Seascale Health Centre offer patients the facilities to view their medical information, send messages, book and cancel appointments online and order repeat medication.

We use a range of options to make this easy, depending on what you want to do. If its messaging, booking or cancelling appointments we recommend MyGP.  This app also allows you to order medicines so if you have your linkage key and PIN codes, you can register without coming in.

You can text us any query on +447800007913 but please do not use this for urgent medical help – we can only respond in working hours and it may be within 1-2 days as we may need to seek GP/Nurse advice.



Online Services Permission Form 2021


[email protected]


The MyGP app can be downloaded from either android or iOS app stores and you don’t need to come to the surgery to register.  It’s great if you are a carer or have dependants that you need to book appointments for.

To view your full medical records online we use two systems called Patient Access or Evergreen Life and if you wish to use this service, please ask at reception for a registration form for online access.  You will be printed personal, confidential login information and guidance on how to use the system.

If you’re not sure yet, think about it like this:

  • Would you like to check what the Doctor said to you in your consultation to be sure you understand?
  • Would you like to read your hospital consultant letters to make sure you understand, recall what happens next and what you should do?
  • Would you like to check your blood test or other results so you can monitor, without repeatedly ringing the practice?
  • Would you like to share these results with other health professionals to avoid them needing to repeat tests?

These are all good reasons to have access to your records online and over the last few months we are increasing the numbers of patients who not only order repeat medication and book appointments online but wish to have full access to their records.

Find out how online access to test results is helping Graeme self-manage his arthritis here:

If you would like to ‘try before you buy’ – you can see what a test patient record looks like.

It is Mickey Mouse and we use this as our test patient record and it is completely fictitious.  This will give you an idea of the type of information you can access from a typical health record (this one is very big as we have made all kinds of entries in it) and how the appointment viewing and repeat prescription ordering works.

First log in here:   As this is only a test patient you do not need to register. Also please do not change the password as others may want to use it.

Fill in the information below
User ID:                     3234002891
Password:                  Seascale10

If you have a smartphone (iPhone / android) or tablet, you can download a free app to view the record with.

In order to view the Medical Record you will need to click “View your medical record” after you have logged in.

It is important that you sign out as soon as you have completed your session!

We would like to thank Dr Amir Hannan from Haughton Thornley Medical Centre in Hyde and Mrs Ingrid Brindle, Chair of their Patient Group for their inspiration and support in developing Patient Records and Understanding.   if you would like to hear from Ingrid and why Records Access is so important, watch this video.